Mission & Vision

Our mission is to be a pioneering Institution in Palestine concerned with developing and advancing the practice and knowledge of contemporary visual arts, through learning, capacity building and resource networks, utilizing innovative programme and its institutional model. “ 

This is undertaken through several main areas of activities including: contemporary arts education at higher education level, research, artistic projects and public programmes. We also undertake several annual creative projects and specialized capacity building workshops for professional development in the field of creative industries.

Our Aim is to contribute to the building of a free and vibrant society; one that considers culture and art as important means of communication with locals and internationals alike.

Our main values

At the Academy, individual creativity is fostered by encouraging independence of thought and critical thinking through its educational model, IAAP provides and environment where students can engage with any subject matter of their choice, including culturally sensitive issues. Our aim is to provide a safe environment to experiment and explore. 

IAAP’s organizational culture is characterized by a high degree of dedication and strong sense of ownership among its staff, and a mutually supportive, non-hierarchical working environment. IAAP is seen by the creative community as collective house and many artists and practioners come to the Academy to share a space together of dialogue and exchange, as a result of its welcoming environment.

IAAP has built a unique network with local, regional and international art academies and institutions around the world, through this network IAAP aims to bring the world of contemporary art to the students who have restricted mobility in the West Bank. Over the last 10 years over 150 artists at the forefront of their field  have visited us from around the world to teach and lecture at IAAP. Thus IAAP has become and hub for artists, and his network provides a unique resource to our students.

IAAP believes in fostering a culture that is not an elite activity but is made by and accessible to all sectors of the community. It provides and alternative model of education to the current structures in Palestine in which our focus is strongly inclined to research based approaches in art making. Our students from all sectors of society have been able to develop their own individual art practice and go on to professional study and work in the field.