"This house belongs to ?!" One-day photography exhibition


Students at the Academy brought back life to an abandoned old Palestinian house with a one day photography exhibition entitled “ This House Belongs To..?”
This initiative was supervised by photographer Eduardo Soteras; a visiting lecturer from Argentina who gave photography workshops to second year students at the Academy. “The main goal of the workshop was to exercise photography not as a record of reality, but as an instrument to exercise a way of seeing what surround us, and a new way to explore their artistic quests. “
“Access” is one of the themes studied by a participating student, Wassem Fouad writes: “I photographed some of the stairs in the city of Ramallah from several angles. My interest in stairs comes from the feeling of them symbolizing the life of the human being: full of obstacles and difficulties, but also as something that helps to reach from one place to another.”
Soteras is a photographer who has worked extensively in Palestine and is known for his poignant photographic works, In 2011 he started the long-term project “Masafer: Life in the Interstice” about the life of the cave-dwelling communities in South Hills of Hebron, where he lived for more than a year and half.What Remains, explored Gaza in the aftermath of the war of 2014, commissioned for Qalandia International by Al Hoash Gallery. His current project “Gaza, mode d’emploi" explores "a tale on common places of an uncommon place”.