Ayed Arafeh and Rana Samara at “crossroads” collective exhibition


Ayed Arafeh and Rana Samara at “crossroads” collective exhibition 
Graduates of the Academy took part in the collective exhibition “crossroads” at Zawyeh Gallery, Ramallah 

Ayed Arafah, (born in Jerusalem in 1983) is a Bethlehem-based artist and is a graduate in fine art from the International Art Academy, Ramallah, 2012. He lives and works in Dheisheh Regugee Camp, Bethlehem. Ayed Arafeh’s work revisits his family album of the 70's and 80's through paintings that reflect on transformation of intimate social relations and their representation.

A winner of the A.M. Qattan Foundation`s Young Artist Award in 2010, he has showcased his work in the UK, Netherlands, Italy, Austria and Norway. The themes of belonging and family continue to influence his work. Crossroads is his second group exhibition in Ramallah

Rana Samara (born in Jerusalem in 1985) is a Ramallah-based artist and a graduate from the International Art Academy, Ramallah (2015). Rana Samara’s artworks are inspired by her conversations with women about intimacy in their lives which she explores through large scale paintings of domestic spaces..Samara`s particular fascination with social relations underpin much of her current work. Exploring martial intimacy, Samara demystifies many of the social taboos and translates these on large canvases that are brilliant in colour, style and technqiue. Samara is regarded as one Palestine`s finest young talents.
While studying, she participated in many workshops and projects in Lebanon, Jordan and France.

Samara’s interview with American Jouranlist Daniel Estrin on Palestinian bedrooms: