The Contemporary Visual art Scholarship Program at The International Academy of Art Palestine


We are pleased to announce the launch of IAAP’s scholarship programme for the year 2016/2017. Contributing to this scholarship programme will provide a great opportunity for students from different socio-econmic background to be part of a unique learning environment in which they receive quality education from the world’s leading Palestinian and International artists and go on to be Palestine’s creative community of the future.  

With your support the student will get designated studio space, free art materials, technical support and individual guidance and tuition in studying painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, photography, video, sound art, public art, social intervention and theoretical studies which ensures the development of their own individual artistic career. With your support, students will go on representing Palestine in local and international events around the world and contributing to the growth of our cultural identity.
A special thanks to Rana Sadik and Samer Younis for being the first to take part in this program dedicated to the support of our students studying contemporary visual art in Palestine